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Verle, just wanted to thank you for such a careful, conclusion heavy, well researched, well edited publication. The depth of journalism you provide is exceedingly rare in today's world of "headlines." Over the past year I have particularly enjoyed your coverage of NewPage, and also the piece you wrote on the Natural Gas revolution.

Phillip Wirtz, Odeon Capital Group LLC

Great job on the presentation! The evaluations showed that attendees really appreciated the discussions you had with Eric Lane from Dingley Press, and with Ethan Haas from NewPage. Several other guys wished it was longer (and believe me, that's a rare comment). Thanks for all of the work you put into it.

Mark Murphy, Business Development Director, CellMark Paper

Thank you, Verle, for the customized research and analysis you’ve provided to our organization over the past several years. Your unique blend of industry insight, accurate data and candid commentary has helped us to maintain a forward heading as we navigate through challenging times. You’re a real pleasure to work with and a valued resource for all of us in the industry.

Heath Frye, Marketing Director, Glatfelter

Your reports provide some of the most insightful analyses that I have seen on the paper sector ... I have learned so much from your reports ... once again, great job!

Herb Krupp, Ph.D., Senior Economist, AF&PA

That's an excellent recap of the state of magazine trends and single copy distribution. You've collated a number of interesting quotes and outside observations into a dense, interesting and thorough industry recap. It's the best update piece I've seen in a long time. Nicely laid out, and charts were well chosen and pithy too. Thanks for the good work.

Phil Van Kirk, Senior Production Manager, Magazines
The Taunton Press, Newtown, CT

Hi Verle, hope all is going well with you these days. Just read your article on China and I think you guys are, as usual, very accurate in your perspective.... I enjoy reading your newsletter and find you guys cut through the BS and get the accurate numbers better than the rest of the gang out there. Drop by for coffee if you are visiting Vancouver.

Russ Horner, Former President (2001–2007), Catalyst Paper

Verle, "We Believe What We Want to Believe" is the most direct, insightful and entertaining summary of the state of the business I've seen. You have missed your calling. I'm sure you could succeed as an author…. I've listened to countless mill managers, market analysts and market leaders try to predict the future and differentiate one producer from the other. You have melted the market reality down to a few simple truths. I'm sure you won't become a millionaire as a result of your efforts, but for whatever its worth you have my committed respect. Well done!

Mark R. Cassidy, Chairman and President, Norske Skog (USA) Inc.

Verle, I want to commend you on the newsprint report in the recent Reel Time. Accolades on your knowledge of value-added grades have always been justified in my view, but you have also clearly replaced your former colleague Ross Hay-Roe as a true student of the newsprint market!

Vice President/General Manager
Major U.S. newspaper and magazine publisher

The clear, insightful market perception in Reel Time is complemented by Verle’s excellent writing skills. Every month I know I learn from it. Last year, we engaged Verle to do a market, machine and financial analysis for us when we were evaluating the investment in a product change. Verle’s report, completed within a tight deadline, was thorough and well-organized, presented an intelligent grasp of all the factors and was followed by a thoughtful summary and Q and A session.

Tom Torrance, Vice President Marketing & Sales
Howe Sound Pulp & Paper

Verle, this is just a note to wish you well as you build “Sutton Paper Strategies.” Selfishly, I hope it won’t be too successful, as I can’t be a client, and I wouldn’t want SPS to crowd out the effort you put into Reel Time. You taught me so much during the years we worked on Reel Time together, and the work was always (for me) educational and enjoyable, as was reading the finished product. Now that I’m retired, I’m still a devoted reader of Reel Time — just about the only industry reading I do these days. But when I read Reel Time, I invariably feel (as my experience tells me is true), “Here is a consultant who actually knows what’s going on!”. I don’t doubt Sutton Paper Strategies is now providing the industry with research and analysis that is accurate, uniquely insightful, eminently applicable — and previously unavailable! May it continue as long as you want it to.

Ross Hay-Roe

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