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Analysis of the Publication & Communication Paper Grades

    May 2, 2016: NEWS RELEASE
Cate Street Capital/John Halle
Lawsuit Dismissed
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Sutton Paper Strategies provides insightful analysis of the publication and communication paper grades (newsprint, SC/uncoated groundwood, coated groundwood, coated free sheet, and uncoated free sheet). This includes the following:

  • Demand forecasts
  • Short-term and long-term price forecasts
  • Analysis of imports and exports
  • Competitive factors inherent in the utilization of recycled fiber
  • Analysis of supply and the potential for supply/price control

Our analysis is used in a variety of applications. For example:

  • In investment analysis, particularly fixed-income instruments
  • To evaluate the financial potential of grade conversions
  • To help determine company/mill valuations during bankruptcy proceedings, or labor negotiations
  • To aid in negotiating paper (pricing) contracts
  • To assist in sales and marketing business plans

Schedule permitting, Verle also makes presentations at company sales meetings or customer events, as well as industry association conferences.

Verle has been writing Reel Time for the past 17 years, and consulting under the name Sutton Paper Strategies since 2012. See the biography page for more details.

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